Professor Shengquan Yu

Basic Information:

Dr. Shengquan Yu is a professor of Educational Technology, and Dean of the School of Educational Technology at Beijing Normal University, China. Meanwhile, he serves as Director of the Knowledge Media Lab at Beijing Normal University and Deputy Director of the Engineering Research Center of Digital Learning and Educational Public Service, Ministry of Education. He was funded by the National Program for New Century Excellent Talents in 2008. He is a fellow of China E-learning Standard Committee, Educational Technology consultant of Higher Education Press, consulting expert of 12th Five-Year Informationization Plan of Chinese Academy of Science, Technical Committee member of Shanghai Digital Educational Equipment Engineering Research Center, research fellow of China Educational Policy Research Institute, Expert Committee of National Medical Test Center, and Expert Committee member of Ten Year National Educational Technology Plan. He is also an expert committee member of Distance Education Journal, Information Technology in Elementary and Secondary Education, and Information Technology in Education.   







Research Areas:

  • design and sharing of Ubiquitous Learning resources
  • integrating Information Technology into curriculum
  • design and application of E-learning platforms
  • the theory and practice of regional E-learning
  • educational information ecology, Educational Technology standards, knowledge media, etc.

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Projects Overview(As PI or co-PI):

  • Research on Resources Organization Models and Key Technologies of Ubiquitous Learning (funded by National Commission of Natural Science Foundation)
  • Research on Multi-media System & Evaluation Analysis and Data Mining Tools (funded by Technology Department of Ministry of Education)
  • Research on Multi-media Courseware Ordering System (funded Technology Department of Ministry of Education)
  • Research on Modern Educational Technology Specifications (funded by Technology Department of Ministry of Education)
  • Development of National Distance Education Support System & Research on Technology Specifications of Modern Distance Education Resources (funded by National Modern Distance Education Project)
  • Design and Application of Foshan & Dongguan & Zhuhai Education MAN (funded by Local goverment)
  • Applied Research of Hand-held Network Learning System in Subject Teaching (funded by National Center for Educational Technology)
  • Innovative Exploration on Leap-Over Development in Elementary Education in Network Environments (funded by Key Project of National 10th-Five Educational Development Plan)
  • Research on Improvements in Teaching Efficiency in 1:1 Network Environments (funded by Key Project of National 11th-Five Educational Development Plan)


  • more than 100 papers in academic journals and conferences: more than 50 of them are indexed by CSSCI; 2 of them are indexed by SSCI; 1 of them is indexed by SCI. Some of those papers have played significant roles in the area of Educational Technology in China.
  • several academic books, such as Integrating Information Technology into Curriculum- Teaching Modes and Methods in the Era of Network, Modern Educational Technology and Teachers’ Professional Development—New Technologies and Concepts, and The Handbook of Instructional Software Design. 

 Representative Works:

  • He has designed and developed the 4A E-learning platform since 1999, which has been applied by Higher Education Press with more than 100 million registered users.
  • He has proposed a new mechanism for describing and packaging learning resources-Learning Cell, which could support informal learning, ubiquitous learning and the collaborative construction and sharing of learning resources. This innovative mechanism can satisfy users’ various needs, such as evolutionary development, the connection and sharing of cognitive network, learning on demand, collaborative editing as well as adaption to environment and users.
  • As for promoting the application of information technology in elementary education and integrating information technology into education, he has implemented his teaching reform experiments in more than 200 schools, which has widespread influence on Educational Technology in China.


10th World Conference on Mobile and Contextual Learning • mLearn2011 • Beijing, China • 18-21 October, 2011
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