Book for one of these exciting and extremely informative pre-conference workshops to be presented on Tuesday 18th October 2011. It will be an opportunity to take advantage of the wide selection of guest presenters of international stature.

The following four workshops will be presented. Be quick to register to ensure your place for the workshop of your choice.

Workshop 1 (9:00-10:30  18/10)               SPACE AVAILABLE             Free,sponsored by Beijing Normal University
Title: New Form of handheld digital learning in China.
Abstract: This workshop seeks to share experience and questions of integrating handheld digital equipments into different curriculums, including learning resource design, learning environment construction, application model construction and practising  strategies production in different curriculums.
Presenters: Jun Liu ,Shengquan Yu and Jie Zhou  from China


Workshop 2 (11:00-12:30  18/10)              SPACE AVAILABLE                                 Rate: $50
Title: When Less is More:  Exploring Low-Threshold, Open-Source M-Learning Solutions.
Abstract: This workshop will be of interest to Teachers, Educational Planners, IT providers with an interest in high impact, low-cost mobile education solutions adaptable across educational and cultural contexts. Requires no specialized technology or m-learning expertise. This hands-on workshop invites participants to explore mobile learning at its most affordable, open-source, and platform –universal.
Presenter: John Eyles from Canada and Lucy Haagen from the USA


Workshop 3(13:30-15:00  18/10)             SPACE AVAILABLE            Free,sponsored by Beijing Normal University
Title: New Form of Resource in Ubiquitous Learning
Abstract: This workshop seeks to identify the specific features of u-Learning resources, and to explore the adaptive organisational model of learning resources within the context of u-Learning. Audiences will be introduced to a new form of learning resources for u-Learning namely Learning Cell, which is identified as an innovative design for next generation learning resources.
Presenters: Shengquan Yu and Xianmin Yang from China


Workshop 4 (15:15-16:45  18/10)             SPACE AVAILABLE                               Rate: $50
Title: Researching How Networked Mobile Devices Enable Experiential Multimedia Learning
Abstract: This Workshop aims to examine and identify questions and directions for researching sustainable, experiential, multimedia learning enabled by networked mobile devices. We will identify experiential learning strategies that can be enabled by mobile devices and discuss the emerging important issue of multimedia literacy in university education. Many interesting research questions arise and are identified and discussed. The Workshop ends with participants forming initial international collaborative research teams
Presenters: Andrew Litchfield from Australia

The workshop is free for participants who have registered at the main conference, but we strongly encourage the main conference participants to register for the workshops in advance to ensure your place for the workshops of your choice. Register the workshops by emailing us at with your registration NO. Space is offered on a first come and first serve basis.

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